Terms Of Service

NoteCreation.com provides a way for responsible buyers and sellers to buy and sell goods and services with seller financing.

Not all payers will repay seller financed loans. Use good judgement and due diligence taking steps to avoid problems with all transactions that you’re involved with.

Do not sell an item that you would not buy. Do not seller finance an item that you would not pay for. Do not create a Promissory Note with payback terms that you would not repay. Do not expect others to repay a debt which you would not repay.

Require all information from Buyers / Borrowers on a Promissory Note that is owed to you.

Require a late fee if any payment is received 5 or more days past the due date.

Include Clauses and Terminology that informs Buyers / Borrowers that if any change in title occurs to the collateral / security for the Note, the Note will become “due in full”.

Charge a legal amount of interest which is not considered “usury“.

Keep records and documentation of all payments paid, and indicate whether they were paid via check, cash, money order, online payment or in some other form.

Communicate regularly with the Buyer / Borrower or Seller / Lender with whom you have a legally binding payment contract or Promissory Note.

Let a Buyer / Borrower know if you’re planning to sell the Promissory Note or use a payment company to collect the monthly payments so that the payer may continue to pay the monthly payments on time and without interruption should you change the Note Holder’s address.

All website users need to use “due diligence” when considering an item for purchase with seller financing via a Promissory Note made by NoteCreation.com.

Thoroughly research sellers, buyers and items being offered for sale or on auction with seller financing..

Ask questions and do research on the Internet to become informed of risks that might be present when seller financing.

By using NoteCreation.com, all users are giving their acknowledgement and consent that they are using the website at their own risk and will hold NoteCreation.com harmless from any loss or injury that may come as the result of their use of this website.

Any user of this website who enters into a contract or Promissory Note may be held legally responsible for full payment of the amount which they digitally signed for.

Non payment of the monthly payments signed for by a user of this website may cause contact from collectors who want to speak with you regarding late payments.

Your credit may be damaged and you may be sued for payment in full for the item which you signed a Promissory Note to purchase with seller financing.

Do not purchase anything with seller financing if you cannot pay for it. Do not sell anything with seller financing if you cannot wait for the monthly payments, or all together lose the monthly payments that were owed to you.

Please inform NoteCreation.com of any non-paying Buyers / Borrowers at NonPayment@NoteCreation.com

Use of this website is your acceptance of the terms of service put forth on this website and that you agree to hold this website and its owners harmless from any and all liability for loss, financial injury or any other injury suffered from use of this website.